2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Wood Routering Machines for Sale, 220V Electricity, Easy Clamps Table,Direct in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal for sale

2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Wood Routering Machines for Sale,
2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Wood Routering Machines for Sale,
2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Wood Routering Machines for Sale,
2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Wood Routering Machines for Sale,

EasyRoute 2000×3000 3kW CNC Sign-Making Router, 220V, Water Cooled Spindle, Clamping Table (NEW) SKU:R-2030C/30price R154999
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Open your Opportunities in the Sign making with our EasyRoute 3 Axes CNC Sign making Router.
The CNC Sign Making Router work on 220V electricity and has the maximum working area, fastest speed and strongest torque in its class.
It has a maximum speed of 12 meter/minute for X/Y axes, and 5 meter/minute for Z axes.
It is fitted with a one push lubricating system which makes it easy for our client to lubricate all the parts of the CNC Sign making Router with just one push of the pump lever once a week.
The transmission system is made by wear resistant rack and pinion with helix teeth.
The spindle of the CNC Signage Business Router is 3kW brushless and water-cooled.
It comes with a 1.8° High Torque Stepper-Motor that has a rated torque of 3.5 N-m. Stepper-motor is installed on the rack and gear, 2 on each side of the rack for Y-axes and one on the ball-screw for Z-axes.
It comes with a T Slot clamping table which makes 3D engraving easy and electricity-saving.
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